Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving is always a good time to reflect.  Some reflect on good food and hope for good football.  Other reflect on friends and family, with comings and goings.  Others still make a custom of sharing what they are thankful for.  I will leave you to your own family, friends and traditions.

For those who have been following my blog for the last several months, you know that I stress the need for an Estate Plan, especially if you have family, people and stuff.  Blending this with the Thanksgiving thinking, as you look around the dinner table for those present and missing, or look around the TV room for who is watching the game and who is with you, irrespective of the game, you can have those special thoughts too.  Memories as well as thoughts for the future.  And that is OK.  If those thoughts lead you to think of how you want to care for these people, then we can discuss an Estate Plan.  If those thoughts lead you to think who will care for you, that is OK too.  You can make arrangements to be clear as to how you want to be taken care of, and again we can discuss an Estate Plan.  Remember, Estate Planning is about more than money.

I believe that everyone can benefit from an Estate Plan.  I think the most basic of Estate Plans should have your Will, your Advanced Healthcare Directive and your Power of Attorney.  If your finances or desires justify, then some form of Trust can easily be added to your Estate Plan.  Your Will and Trust will tell the world how you want your things handled.  Your Advanced Healthcare Directive will tell the world how you want to be handled in the event that you cannot care for yourself, temporarily or permanently.  Your Power of Attorney tells the world who you have entrusted to handle your finances in the event that you cannot do so, temporarily or permanently.

I hope you can look around the table and be thankful for those there.  I hope you can understand and appreciate those not able to be with you this year, and the roll you still play in each others lives.  I hope and wish a Happy Thanksgiving for everyone. 

Next time we will get back on track and discuss gifts of Real Property.  After that, we will talk about giving the family business.  Following those specific discussions, we will go over residuary gifts.  We will also have a specific discussion about gifts to minors.  We will wrap up wills with some other discussions including charitable gifts.  After that, I hope to have special discussions on taxes.  In the meantime, I hope you will review your Estate Plan with you're “A” Team, or at least begin to seek out an Estate Planning Attorney to start this process.  Stay tuned for future blogs.  However, if you have any questions, feel free to respond below, or if you are interested in learning more about an Estate Plan, Wills, Trusts, Advanced Healthcare Directives, or Divorce, Custody, Visitation, Child Support, Spousal Support, Property Division, Modifications, Remarriage, or Pre-Nuptial Agreements, please contact me at please contact me at, or through my other websites,, or for Fred Begun.